33 ETH raised already!

Crypto Unicorn’s native cryptocurrency — Unicorn Coin (UCC) has raised a bit over 33 ETH since the beginning of their ongoing ICO, which has distributed more than 300k UCC already.

Crypto Unicorns is a blockchain based game, utilising ERC-721 protocol and the Ethereum blockchain.These Unicorns aree put for sale on OpenSea.io and each unicorn will be sold separately by auction.

Crypto Unicorns are unique in appearance, with a distinct visual look (phenotype) determined by the immutable genes (genotype) which are stored in the smart contract.

Blockchain technology and the crypto world are the revolution we have been waiting for. By connecting this complex technology with a simple unicorn, we have made it easier for you to be part of that revolution.

The in-game currency, Unicorn Coin (UCC) will be used to purchase Unicorns and all related and already 336 750 Unicorn Coins have been distributed already since the beginning of the ICO.

The development of our iOS and Android is going well, and we are planning to release a beta version by the end of the year.

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