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Black Friday is coming for Crypto Unicorns

Black Friday is coming and the team behind Crypto Unicorns has a special treat for you.

All of Gen.0 Crypto Unicorns are now with 70% discount.

The Black Friday promotion will last for a week, so be quick to get yourself a unique crypto unicorn stored in the blockchain.

Moreover , on Sunday will be giving away one of the “SpecialCrypto Unicorns from Gen.0 — The COVID 19 Unicorn.

To have a chance of winning it , follow Crypto Unicorns and Unicorn Coin and retweet our latest posts with your ETH address.

All unicorns are now being traded on OpenSea, so make sure to spread the word.

We will be giving away one “ Special” Crypto Unicorn from each generation, so make sure to follow us and stay up to date.

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