Crypto Unicorns Gen.0 is now open for trading.

After more than 18 months in development, the brand new NFT game Crypto Unicorns is now live on the biggest NFT marketplace- OpenSea.

Yesterday evening, Gen.0 of the Crypto Unicorns was born, hence giving start to one of the most ambitious cryptocommerce dapp projects.

Crypto Unicorns are digital, collectible unicorns built on the Ethereum blockchain. They can be bought and sold using ether, and bred to create new unicorns with exciting traits and varying levels of cuteness.

At launch, 21 “Gen. 0” Unicorns will be stored in a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. These Unicorns will be put for sale on Open Sea. Each unicorn will be sold separately auction.

Crypto Unicorns are unique in appearance, with a distinct visual appearance (phenotype) determined by its immutable genes (genotype) which are stored in the smart contract.

By allowing the unicorns to interact with each other, they aren’t just a digital collectible. Crypto Unicorns is an exciting, self-sustaining community where users can create new collectibles and trade them on the Ethereum blockchain.

Unicorn Coin(UCC) , is the official in-game currency of the Crypto Unicorns. It will serve both as in-game currency as well as a funding option for the company to improve its game and further development of the project. Currently , Crypto Unicorns can be purchased only using ETH, but after Gen.5 is minted, Unicorn Coin (UCC) will also be accepted for purchasing Crypto Unicorns.

Stay tuned for more updates about Crypto Unicorns and the next Generations coming up real soon.

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